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We light up your dark data.

We help you unlock the power of the data in your organizations, shedding light on the dark data – data sitting in digital desk drawers, neglected – within. You’re sitting on a treasure trove, a gold mine of insights just waiting to be tapped. Let us help extract those insights and turn them into massive business impact.

Our suite of services include:

Insights: Foundation – Analysis is meaningless if the underlying data is wrong. BrainTrust Insights helps you repair your analytics infrastructure, bringing order to your data.

Insights: Predict – BrainTrust Insights helps you understand what’s going to happen next with advanced predictive analytics.

Insights: Understand – BrainTrust Insights uses machine learning technologies to understand your stakeholders, what they’re saying, and how you align with them, at massive scale.

Insights: Connect – BrainTrust Insights helps you connect the dots in your data – and public datasets – to find the right answer hidden in the big picture.

Insights: Act – Insights alone don’t create impact. BrainTrust Insights helps fulfill insights with strategy, tactics, and execution. When you want “do it for me” instead of DIY, we’re ready to help.

From a single chart to a massive data warehouse, we find needles in your haystacks. Using our own machine learning technology as well as services from the world’s largest technology companies, we’ll help transform raw data into actionable insights.

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